December 5, 2018

Where's the money? Study highlights CT employee workplace concerns

A new survey of Connecticut workers by the website and the research firm Lux Insights purports to shed some light on what keeps employees awake at night about where they're going to work in the morning.

Not surprisingly, money was the most frequently cited source of anxiety. According to the study, 44 percent of workers in Connecticut fear that they are not being paid enough, higher than the national average of 41 percent.

That may surprise some considering that average salaries in the Nutmeg State equate to 120 percent of the national average salary. But when you consider that Connecticut's cost of living comes out to just under 120 percent of the national cost of living, those higher salaries don't go any farther than they might in, say, Wichita Falls.

Women were more concerned than men about not being paid fairly, according to the survey. And respondents with children in the household expressed the greatest concern about not being paid enough.

Additional findings:

  • Thirty-eight percent of respondents in Connecticut listed "work overload" as a principal source of anxiety, slightly more than the 37 percent of national respondents.
  • Harassment was the most frequently mentioned workplace concern when respondents were asked an open-ended question. In Connecticut, 26 percent of survey respondents said they feared being victims of sexual harassment or assault, compared to 24 percent nationally.
  • Thirty percent of Connecticut survey respondents said they feared some species of discrimination in the workplace, slightly lower than the national average of 33 percent.
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