February 1, 2019

YNHHS adopts Elm City health startup product

Photo | Contributed
Photo | Contributed
Yale New Haven Health has expanded its use of patient-engagement technology platform PatientWisdom.

A four-year-old New Haven-based health technology startup has just earned a major nod of approval from the state's largest hospital system, Yale New Haven Health System.

PatientWisdom said this week that YNHHS had adopted its digital patient-engagement platform systemwide, expanding a pilot of the technology it launched at its New Haven and Greenwich facilities in 2016.

"We're thrilled that more patients now have access to PatientWisdom and are honored to be part of the effort to continuously improve health and care at YNHHS," PatientWisdom founder and CEO Gregory Makoul said in a statement.

PatientWisdom's technology allows users to post photos and share stories, in their own words, about themselves, their health and their care. These can provide medical professionals with a more holistic view of patients, the company said.

The system distills the information into an at-a-glance summary delivered through the patient's electronic health record. YNHHS patients can access the technology through the MyChart patient portal.

"It gives the clinician a quick snapshot view to help understand the patient as an individual before walking into the room," said Michael Bennick, MD, medical director for patient experience at Yale New Haven Hospital and YNHHS.

Founded in 2015, PatientWisdom has since raised a total of $3.45 million in Series A funding, including $1 million from Chicago-based OCA Ventures last summer.

Yale New Haven, an investor in the company, has been working closely with the startup to enhance the product, PatientWisdom said.

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