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Business community can play key role preventing prescription opioid abuse

Shawn M. Lang |

Connecticut's opioid statistics aren't pretty. Residents are more likely to die from an overdose, whether from illicit opioids or prescription opioids, than an automobile accident.

Hartford's Lifeway Mobility taps private equity dollars for expansion

Matt Pilon |

An Ohio-based private equity firm said it's made a major investment in a Hartford mobility and accessibility equipment provider.

CT radiology group joins national alliance

Joe Cooper |

A California-based provider of outsourced medical services for radiology, oncology and interventional medical practices said it’s added a Connecticut radiology group to its network of nearly...

Senate backs White House on effort to require drug prices in ads


The ads urging people to ask their doctors to prescribe new drugs that can tackle a host of hard-to-treat conditions — from arthritis to hepatitis C — are ubiquitous on both television...

Report: Greater Hartford hourly wages 19% higher vs. nation

Joe Cooper |

Greater Hartford workers earned far more per hour compared to the rest of the nation in May 2017, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With labor, Lamont carefully treads a path blazed by Malloy


Ned Lamont has spent months trying to distance himself from the unpopular Democratic governor he hopes to succeed, but when it comes to the public-sector unions that bedeviled his predecessor, Lamont...

Report: CT’s cost of living too high for 40% of households

Joe Cooper |

Connecticut's high costs of living are taking a major bite out of family earnings.

Vast web works to meet Connecticut's labor challenges

Matt Pilon |

When Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took office in 2011, he laid out his vision for creating one of the global economy's “best-educated, most-skilled, highest-productive” workforces that would...

CT to receive $10M grant for substance abuse, mental health response

Joe Cooper |

The state will receive a $10 million federal grant to support more than 2,000 individuals suffering from substance abuse and mental health disorders, the governor announced this week.

After 10 years, Masonicare, St. Francis go separate ways on home care

Joe Cooper |

Citing shifting competitive interests, two prominent Greater Hartford homecare partners will shutter a joint venture they formed in 2007.

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