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This Ala. city mirrors Hartford's redevelopment ambitions

Gregory Seay |

Hartford isn't the only U.S. city that has bet big on a minor-league baseball stadium to spur redevelopment.

Gaylord Healthcare tests AI for scheduling, care insights

Matt Pilon |

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is stepping into new territory, exploring machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation software in the hopes of finding new efficiencies and even identifying...

Amid hospital-tax debate, frustrated CEO defends his and other healthcare executives' pay

Matt Pilon |

It's not often you'll find well-paid executives comfortable talking about how much they make. Bristol Hospital CEO Kurt Barwis, who's earned upwards of $1 million in annual wages and benefits in...

Vincent Capece Jr. | President and CEO, Middlesex Health

Sean Teehan |

Amid a push across the state and much of the country, Middlesex Health last month raised the wages of its lowest-paid workers to $15 per hour.

Committee advances health insurance 'public option' bill

Matt Pilon |

Connecticut small businesses would be able to join the state's health insurance plan, under a piece of legislation that just received a favorable committee vote.

Longtime ProHealth CEO Reed to retire

Matt Pilon |

ProHealth Physicians said Thursday its longtime CEO, Jack Reed, will retire after 22 years with the organization, which is Connecticut's largest standalone medical group by doctor headcount.

Yale study: Heart attacks less frequent, deadly since 1990s

Michael C. Bingham |

Heart attack prevention and outcomes for American adults have improved dramatically over the past two decades, according to a Yale study published this week in JAMA Network Open.

Walgreens and CVS are 2019's stock market losers


This has been a brutal year for the big drug store companies.

Trump's budget proves GOP deficit hawks are a dying breed


In the introduction to his new budget proposal President Donald Trump warns that the federal government "must protect future generations from Washington's habitual deficit spending." He then lays out...

Connecticut legislators unveil public option for health insurance


Connecticut lawmakers are joining other states that have unveiled proposals to expand government-run health coverage, with plans to extend state health benefits to small businesses and nonprofits,...

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