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Aetna's stock stalls after Humana buyout announcement

Sophia Yan and HBJ Staff report |

Aetna's stock price fell nearly 6 percent Monday morning, the first full day of trading since the Hartford health insurer announced its $37 billion deal to acquire rival Humana.

Connecticut residents deserve a more coordinated problem-solving approach

Kim Morgan, Merle Berke-Schlessel, Susan Dunn and Kevin Wilhelm |

As the leaders of several United Ways, we have a unique perspective into the nonprofit and corporate worlds. We talk daily with nonprofit leaders who share their concerns about declining...

CT economy’s fast start overshadowed by budget woes

As we reach the midway point in 2015, it's a good time to reflect on the good, bad and uncertainty impacting Connecticut's business community and economy.

CT denies UIL extension request in $3B takeover case

On the same day it was filed, the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority on Wednesday rejected a request by New Haven utility parent UIL Holdings for more time to prove the value of its $3...

Jacobs focuses on jobs, crime, education to improve economy

John Stearns |

Giselle Jacobs knows hardship. She was a teen mom, has been homeless and battered, lost a son to a genetic disorder, and saw her oldest child jailed.

CT uses patchwork approach to replace aging workforce

Gregory Seay |

As a state in a region that are both the oldest per-capita in the nation, Connecticut would appear the most likely to feature a coordinated plan to speed the transition of its aging...

Farmington research firm to merge with Arizona biz

Farmington market research firm The Pert Group announced on Wednesday that it had merged with Arizona market research firm MSS.

CT small business employment growth below average

The growth in employment among Connecticut companies with 20 or fewer employees was 0.05 percent in June, well below the national average, according to California tax software company Intuit.

Employers must prep for Cadillac health plan tax

Tom Simses |

The Cadillac tax will soon become one of the most impactful and controversial provisions of the Affordable Care Act for employers.

Tuition reimbursement programs make a comeback

John Stearns |

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has added a free tuition option to its education benefits package for its 1,400 Connecticut employees, bolstering a perk that some companies are now reinstating and...

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