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$4M fraud wins ex-Infinistaff owner jail

The former owner of bankrupt Milford temp-employment agency Infinistaff LLC will spend 37 months in federal prison for promoting a bankruptcy and tax-fraud scheme that cheated employees and the IRS...

Hartford County wage gains below average

Hartford County residents’ weekly wages grew in the fourth quarter of 2014, but at a slower pace than the national average, the U.S. Department of Labor said Tuesday.

Middlesex County tops in credit-card frugality

Middlesex County residents have some of the lowest levels of credit card debt in the country, according to consumer finance website SmartAsset.

SmartAsset: Hartford deserves a pro franchise

A consumer financial technology company used a bit of math to determine that the Hartford metro area deserves a professional sports team.

CT unemployment fell to 5.7% in June

The state's unemployment rate fell again in June, as it added 600 seasonally adjusted jobs, the Department of Labor said Monday.

Say goodbye to Baby Boomers without compromising productivity

Christopher A. Szpryngel |

Making up roughly 20 percent of the American public, Baby Boomers have played a huge role in the American workforce for decades.

Will CT's healthcare workforce be there?

Matt Pilon |

The healthcare and social assistance sectors provide 16 percent of Connecticut's total jobs, according to the state Department of Labor.

CT's healthcare industry preps for 247,000 seniors, but hurdles remain

In this week's installment of HBJ's series, “Connecticut's Silver Tsunami,” reporter Matt Pilon takes an in-depth look at the impact the state's aging population will have on the...

Frontier Communications appoints chief people officer

Norwalk-based Frontier Communications on Tuesday selected a new executive to be called chief people officer, responsible for the integration of employees from the company's acquisitions.

CT among 10 worst states to make a living

Connecticut is among the 10 worst states to earn a healthy living, according to a new report by

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