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New governor and legislature, same Tesla bill

Matt Pilon |

Legislation seeking to allow electric-vehicle manufacturers like Tesla to sell their cars directly to consumers is now before the legislature for a fifth straight year.

Ford to make all-electric version of its F-150 truck


America's most popular vehicle is going electric. Ford will make an all-electric plugin version of the F-150 pickup truck.

Lamont: Clean energy and economic dev. policies can co-exist

Matt Pilon |

Gov. Ned Lamont told the state's League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) on Thursday that he doesn't view their clean energy and environmental policy hopes, a number of which he supports, to be...

The shutdown is coming at the worst time for the economy


None of the 21 government shutdowns since 1976 made a real dent in the economy --- purchases were simply delayed until the government re-opened and federal workers regained their lost wages.

Middle-class growth sparks latest surge in CT tax receipts


State income tax revenues surged upward again Tuesday, but this time it was the middle class — not the wealthy — behind most of the gains.

Major policies opposed by businesses loom in Democrat-controlled legislature

Matt Pilon |

The 2019 legislative session could be a tough one for employers, as an emboldened Progressive Caucus plans to push for wage and benefit mandates, and higher taxes on the wealthy.

Why Wall Street turned its back on junk bonds


The junk bond market, one of the biggest beneficiaries of easy money, has screeched to a halt.

CT Water, SJW withdraw PURA application

Joe Cooper |

Clinton-based Connecticut Water Service and California's SJW Group on Wednesday withdrew their application to state regulators to combine in a proposed $1.1 billion deal.

Imperiled $1.1B CT Water deal hits another regulatory setback

Matt Pilon |

Threatening to sink SJW Group's proposed $1.1 billion acquisition of Clinton-based Connecticut Water Service, the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority has declined to reopen its review of the deal...

More coal-fired power plants have closed under Trump than in Obama's first term


It sits on the banks of the Monongahela River like a monstrous monument to extinction.

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