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Millstone casts bid for state contract

Matt Pilon |

The state's largest power plant, the nuclear Millstone Power Station in Waterford, has cast its bid for a long-term Connecticut utility contract.

CT officials: Utilities thwarted millions of hacking attempts

Matt Pilon |

Connecticut cybersecurity officials said Tuesday that utility companies have faced more frequent and sophisticated attempts to penetrate their networks over the past year, but suffered no breaches.

Green Bank hopes carbon credits will jumpstart electric vehicle chargers

Matt Pilon |

In addition to the still relatively high price of an electric vehicle, lack of charging facilities in some areas is a major hurdle to spurring consumer demand for the environmentally friendly cars.

Could clean energy become an election issue?

Matt Pilon |

A new poll commissioned by the Sierra Club has found strong support for clean and renewable energy among Connecticut voters across the political spectrum.

Coal is still king in 18 US states. But for how long?


Coal has been knocked down. But it's not out by a long shot.Even though coal has been in steep decline, it's still the most-used electricity...

CT joins anti-coal power alliance

Joe Cooper |

Connecticut has joined a 50-member coalition of countries, states, regions and businesses committed to phasing out coal-fired power plants, the governor said.

Spark Energy hit with second fine

Matt Pilon |

For the second time this year, Connecticut regulators have levied a six-figure fine against electricity marketer Spark Energy for bad behavior.

Interest groups tangle over fracking waste ban ordinances

Matt Pilon |

There's a race to establish rules for how cities and towns store and process waste from hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and several interest groups have taken the lead ahead of state...

Amid closures, CT sees a wave of new power plants

Matt Pilon |

Connecticut is experiencing a boom in new power plants that hasn't been seen in more than a decade.

Bloomfield shared-solar project delayed until 2019

Matt Pilon |

A shared clean-energy pilot program that's been beset by delays over the past few years will take a bit longer to debut one of its three projects.

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