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Ruling: CT utility ratepayers will see tax-cut savings

Matt Pilon |

Connecticut's various electric, gas and water utilities will return their savings from the federal tax cuts to customers, regulators said in a final ruling Wednesday.

Killingly power plant returns to CT Siting Council

Matt Pilon |

The developer of a major power plant in Killingly has returned to the Connecticut Siting Council hoping for a project approval that has thus far eluded it.

White House adviser says there could be zero economic growth if shutdown lingers


A top economic adviser to President Donald Trump told CNN on Wednesday that the US economy may show no growth in the first quarter if the federal government shutdown lasts much longer.

PosiGen's $90M credit facility means more solar in CT

Matt Pilon |

PosiGen, a New Orlean-based solar provider, said it has secured a new $90 million credit line that will help it continue its work leasing solar panels to low-and-moderate-income households in...

As federal shutdown lengthens, impact on state, local governments grows


Dependent on federal funding, certain state agencies and municipal governments are expected to be impacted by the ongoing partial government shutdown.

Can Lamont reinvent Connecticut?

Roy Occhiogrosso |

In his recent State of the State speech, Gov. Ned Lamont said: “What I love about America is that in every generation we get a chance to reinvent ourselves, and every election gives us a fresh...

New governor and legislature, same Tesla bill

Matt Pilon |

Legislation seeking to allow electric-vehicle manufacturers like Tesla to sell their cars directly to consumers is now before the legislature for a fifth straight year.

Ford to make all-electric version of its F-150 truck


America's most popular vehicle is going electric. Ford will make an all-electric plugin version of the F-150 pickup truck.

Lamont: Clean energy and economic dev. policies can co-exist

Matt Pilon |

Gov. Ned Lamont told the state's League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) on Thursday that he doesn't view their clean energy and environmental policy hopes, a number of which he supports, to be...

The shutdown is coming at the worst time for the economy


None of the 21 government shutdowns since 1976 made a real dent in the economy --- purchases were simply delayed until the government re-opened and federal workers regained their lost wages.

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