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CT reduces pollution in heating oil

Connecticut on Tuesday significantly reduced the maximum level of sulfur pollutants in the fuel the majority of the state uses for heat.

Farmington firm starts $9M CT College library project

Farmington firm KBE Building Corp. has started structural demolition of Connecticut College's Shain Library in New London in preparation for a $9 million renovation.

CT’s recycling goals unnerve waste haulers

Brad Kane |

If every Connecticut resident and business recycled their soda and beer cans — instead of throwing them away or returning them for a nickel deposit — Tom DeVivo would be a rich man.

Canton dams need Obama signature to energize

President Barack Obama is set to sign legislation into law allowing Canton to energize two small hydroelectric dams in its Collinsville section.

CT arrests Bristol resident for illegal fishing

The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection arrested a 22-year-old Bristol charging him with illegal fishing.

Energy efficiency saves businesses money, protects environment

Susan E. Coakley |

Gov. Malloy released a statement earlier this month reminding residents that hurricane season is upon us, and to be prepared by stocking up on bottled water, canned goods and flashlights with...

UConn, Fiserv team up to help banks attract young customers

Becky Bergman |

A financial tech firm is betting that a group of Connecticut MBA students with hip marketing ideas and cutting-edge software can help it tap the millennial generation and give regional banks a...

CT lacks power in burgeoning wind industry

Norm Bell |

Wind power will play an increasing role in the U.S., likely supplying more than a third of the nation’s energy needs by 2050, according to a new analysis being readied by the federal...

SCSU, Milford recognized for energy efficiency

Lauren DeCarlo |

A Hartford organization established to recognize energy efficiency achievements in Connecticut honored Southern Connecticut State University and Milford Public Schools the top award for innovative...

Hartford battery convention yields recycling bill

Bernat Ivancsics |

Key battery industry leaders’ talk in Hartford on Thursday marked the first occasion when diverse interest groups converged and revealed an all battery recycling bill.

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