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State is spending more, not less, on inmate health care


A reorganization in how the state provides medical care to thousands of inmates will not save the state money this year as promised. Instead, it will cost millions more.

Travelers' Bessette: XL Center key to Hartford's future

Greg Bordonaro |

The XL Center is crucial to Hartford's future, and city and state policymakers must come up with a plan to make sure the building isn't mothballed.

CT homelessness coalition appoints new CEO

Joe Cooper |

The nonprofit Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) announced Tuesday it has named a new CEO.

Tips for getting more positive online reviews

Andrea Obston |

Want to get more positive reviews? Ask. No, really. It's that simple. But most businesses simply don't do it.

It’s time for a state board of finance

R. Michael Goman |

For most people, reducing government spending is a dull topic.

CT Republicans push further into irrelevancy

Greg Bordonaro |

The Grand Old Party in Connecticut is once again the Grand Out of Power Party.

CT laying groundwork for next green wave: Hydrogen cars

Matt Pilon |

Just as hundreds of public electric-vehicle charging stations have cropped up in Connecticut in recent years, helping put thousands of clean cars on the road, the stage is gradually being set for a...

MetroHartford Alliance's new direction focuses on economic development, revival of Hartford Chamber

Matt Pilon |

As part of a new strategic plan, the MetroHartford Alliance is ramping up its economic-development role and reviving the Hartford Chamber brand.

Study: Greater Hartford healthcare prices on par with national average

Matt Pilon |

The Northeast is known as a high-cost healthcare region, so it may surprise some to learn that Hartford metro area healthcare prices are exactly on par with the national average.

DOT unveils transit rewards program

Sean Teehan |

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Friday announced a new program that offers discounts and deals for rail riders at a variety of businesses in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

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