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DeLauro: Cut farm bill handouts to the wealthy, not food stamps


The U.S. House is about to vote on a farm bill that will reduce eligibility for food stamps, a move that has caused a partisan split, with most Democratic lawmakers opposing the legislation.

Eversource eyes Sunday restoration following 4 tornadoes

Joe Cooper |

Utility customers in four communities hit by separate tornadoes on Tuesday are expected to have power restored by Sunday as Eversource crews work to repair 91 miles of downed electric lines, the...

With new budget in place, Malloy cancels rail, bus fare hikes


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration has canceled planned rail and bus fare hikes now that legislators have adopted a new budget with added resources for the Special Transportation Fund.

CT lost 1,400 jobs in April; unemployment flat at 4.5%

Joe Cooper |

Connecticut's unemployment rate held steady at 4.5 percent in April even though the state lost 1,400 net jobs, according to the state Department of Labor.

CT worker's-comp assessment falls anew

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut's treasurer says her office's prudent oversight of a pool to compensate workers hurt on the job has resulted in a lower assessment that will save employers $102 million in fiscal 2019.

Hartford's CRT pays $362K civil settlement

Gregory Seay |

Hartford support nonprofit Community Renewal Team (CRT) and its CEO have paid $362,000 to settle six-year-old state and federal civil claims that they mismanaged grant money, some of it pilfered by a...

Blumenthal, Murphy win on net neutrality vote, but House approval unlikely


The Senate on Wednesday rejected the Trump administration's plan to overturn so-called net neutrality rules, which mandate that internet providers give consumers access to content on an equal basis,...

Gov. Malloy issues emergency plan amid storm recovery

Joe Cooper |

In the wake of Tuesday's severe storms, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has signed a Declaration of Civil Preparedness Emergency to help municipalities across Connecticut recover from the damage left behind.

Dems predict 'eye-popping' health premium hikes, blame GOP


Sen. Chris Murphy on Tuesday helped launch a Democratic initiative that blames Republicans for “sabotaging” the Affordable Care Act, leading to sky-high health insurance premiums.

Efficiency coalition lawsuit: Funding raid is unconstitutional

Matt Pilon |

A group of five Connecticut energy efficiency contractors, ratepayers and not-for-profits is seeking to block the state's planned sweep of $155 million in ratepayer funds, on the grounds that the...

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