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G. Fox scion gifts Bloomfield land to CT

A scion of former G. Fox Co. department store co-founder Beatrice Fox Auerbach donated 40 Bloomfield acres to the state to preserve as public open space, authorities say.

Segarra budget closes gap without tax increase, layoffs

Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra said his proposed fiscal year 2016 budget would close a nearly $49 million gap with a combination of spending cuts, debt restructuring and the use of reserves from a...

OPM's deficit estimate shrinks on cuts

The state faces a deficit of $121.2 million for the fiscal year ending in June, the Office of Policy Management said Monday.

Marijuana patient rolls growing

The number of patients registered in the state's medical marijuana program has grown by more than half over the last six months, the Department of Consumer Protection said Monday.

CT gets $700K to shelter vets

Hartford’s is one of four state and municipal housing agencies who got nearly $700,000 in federal funds to shelter their homeless veterans.

CT’s March job tally grows

Connecticut added 4,000 more jobs in March, which combined with 800 miscounted jobs from February, left its jobless rate unchanged but pushed the state’s roster of working residents back closer...

Hartford goes to bat for admission tax

Hartford officials are asking the state legislature for help with the city's minor league baseball park.

DRS catches $14M in fraudulent claims

The Department of Revenue Services has caught $14 million in fraudulent 2014 tax claims so far, officials announced.

Aging population poses opportunities, challenges for state's future

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut, like the rest of America, is graying fast.

As funding ebbs, Access Health looks at new business ventures

Greg Bordonaro |

As federal funding for the state's health insurance exchange runs out, Access Health CT is looking into new business ventures to raise more revenues, safeguard its long-term financial position, and...

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