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4 steps to paying off $100,000 in student loans

CNNMoney |

Jessica Elberfeld, 29, has paid down more than $100,000 of her student loans since she graduated college seven years ago and she'll be completely done paying them off by the end of the year.

CTNext funds free help for 'stage 2' companies

Matt Pilon |

A decade ago, personal chef Paul Finney ran a one-man operation cooking meals in the homes of approximately 30 Greater Hartford clients.

Wooing Talent: Companies offer student loan repayment to attract Millennials

John Stearns |

Robert Syc said he's never had a job where his employer offered to help pay off his student loan debt. Until now.

State gives conditional OK to Waterbury Hospital sale

By Journal Inquirer Staff |

State regulators Friday issued conditional approval of the sale of Greater Waterbury Health Network and Waterbury Hospital to Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc. for $100 million.

Vendor problems top reason for wedding insurance claims

Keith Griffin |

Getting married in the near future? You might want to apprise yourself of a four-year study of the top reasons for wedding insurance claims.

As NAAG chief, Jepsen spotlights healthcare changes

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen says he will make scrutiny of the nation’s evolving healthcare landscape his priority as the newly elected president of the National Association of...

CTData: Exploring the data we have, and how to use it

Michelle Riordan-Nold | CTData |

Data; big data; public data; data science; data driven decision making – terms that are bandied about in public discourse, but what is really meant? The Connecticut Data Collaborative is a...

Cromwell's BI, Corning to co-brand stem-cell media

Gregory Seay |

Biological Industries USA, an Israeli bioscience firm with Cromwell operations, says it signed a co-branding agreement with giant Corning Inc. to market BI's proprietary medium for growing stem cells.

Aetna's credit-ratings cut on Humana deal

Gregory Seay |

A leading insurers' credit-rating agency has downgraded its Aetna Inc. ratings amid the Hartford insurer's higher debt load tied to its pending Humana Inc. merger.

Phoenix CFO is city-hall bound

Matt Pilon |

Two days after a long-planned merger of The Phoenix Cos. was finalized, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin confirmed that the insurer's chief financial officer is still on deck to become the city's chief...

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