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Foreign Trade

China's exports are doing way better than expected


China has posted a surprise jump in exports, suggesting its economy could be holding up better than expected as it tries to negotiate an end to the trade war with the United States.

US trade deficit fell for the first time in five months. Tariffs could be why


The trade deficit fell in November for the first time since President Donald Trump started putting tariffs on Chinese goods.

The tax cut investment 'boom' is already over. Some say it never really started


Proponents of the 2017 tax law predicted it would set off a wave of spending by American businesses.

China will overtake the US as the world's biggest retail market this year


China's economy may be slowing down, but the country is still set to eclipse the United States as the world's top retail market for the first time.

The shutdown is coming at the worst time for the economy


None of the 21 government shutdowns since 1976 made a real dent in the economy --- purchases were simply delayed until the government re-opened and federal workers regained their lost wages.

Why economists think hiring is starting to slow


Last year was an impressive one for the job market, but it may have ended on a down beat.

Stocks try to bounce back at the end of a miserable week


Dow futures pointed to a positive open Friday, as investors hope that stocks can start to recover at the end of an awful week.

Dow falls as stormy December on Wall Street continues


The US stock market sank deeper into the red following sluggish economic reports on Monday and bad news from a couple of blue chip giants.

China is temporarily slashing tariffs on US auto imports


China said Friday it will temporarily reduce tariffs on imports of American-made cars as it tries to negotiate a trade deal with the United States.

Dow rises 300 points on new US-China trade hopes


Stocks jumped Wednesday following the latest twist in the US-China trade saga.

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