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Warren: CT Dec. house sales hit 9-yr. high

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut's single-family house sales rose to a nine-year high in December, pushing up the state's 12-month sales, according to a final-year tally. Median prices stayed flat.

Aetna weighing merger options, Hartford presence

Patricia Daddona |

Aetna CEO and Chairman Mark Bertolini said Tuesday the Hartford health insurer still is unsure what its next steps will be after the federal government recently blocked its proposed $37 billion...

CT's '16 housing permits plunge

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut's housing industry built 23 percent fewer dwellings in 2016 than the previous year, new tallies show.

Mooney family reaps $1.25M from E. Hfd. property sale

An East Hartford industrial property that for more than a century housed a local family's freight-forwarding and household-moving operations has sold for $1.25 million, brokers say.

From Hartford, Barings’ realty chief has global investment perspective

Gregory Seay |

Plenty has changed since Scott D. Brown took the reins nearly two years ago as chief executive of the Hartford realty advisory arm of one of the world's largest investment-asset managers/advisors,...

Slow-selling 'jumbo' homes drag Hartford's housing values

Gregory Seay |

Recent news indicating significant growth in Hartford's overall grand list masks a disheartening reality for one of the city's property segments: Sluggish sales and declining values of larger houses...

CERC survey: View of CT realty upbeat

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut landlords and other realty professionals feel better about the near term prospects for the residential-property market than they do the commercial-space sector, a new survey shows.

Greater Hartford cash home sales fall

Patricia Daddona |

The percentage of Greater Hartford homes purchased in cash declined to 22.2 percent in Oct. 2016, a 2.1 percentage point decrease compared with the year-ago period, according to CoreLogic.

CT home sales, prices end '16 strong

Gregory Seay |

House sales and prices in Connecticut finished 2016 higher than the end of the previous year, Realtors say.

LAZ: $291M spent on parking assets

Gregory Seay |

Hartford parking vendor LAZ Parking says it's invested about $291 million to expand its parking-facilities portfolio to benefit its investment partners.

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