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Intuit: CT small-businesses employment crept up in Oct.

Connecticut small businesses with fewer than 20 employees grew their workforces by 0.8 percent in October, payroll services provider Intuit said.

NerdWallet: CT insurance, finance small businesses pay well

Connecticut finance and insurance businesses with fewer than 100 employees have some of the highest respective salaries in the country, according to a breakdown released this week by consumer finance...

Northwest Corner biz predicts higher revenue, flat hiring

Nearly 60 percent of businesses in Northwest Connecticut think they will have higher sales in 2015, but most do not plan to add to their employee base, according to a survey by the Connecticut...

North Haven firm lands agricultural grant

North Haven energy technology firm Precision Combustion Inc. has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to enhance crop productivity, reduce chemical use in farming, and increase...

Are your dollars building a local economy?

Anthony Price |

The next time you drink a cup of coffee or tea, put on clothes, go out to eat, shop at a brick-and-mortar retailer or online, think about where the products you consume come from. One...

Point-of-sale systems see major changes

Keith Griffin |

Point-of-sale systems, commonly referred to as POS, are undergoing a revolution in Connecticut — and it's largely driven by the capital needs of small to midsize retailers.

Golf pro turns passion into business opportunity

Stan Simpson |

For the past decade, Todd Daigneault immersed himself in almost every facet of golf: playing as a professional; teaching; selling; and his specialty, club making.

Connecticut Lighting Centers

What are the family values of your business, and how do they help you remain competitive in the market?

Survey: Small business owners feel good, but aren’t hiring

In its fourth annual survey of small business owners across the country, The Hartford Financial Services Group said it found that more owners feel their business is successful, but that many continue...

Time to end small business express program

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced last week a $100 million proposal to extend his Small Business Express program two more years, as part of a campaign promise to spur job growth,...

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