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Small Business

New grant competition for high-tech talent development

Keith Griffin |

A new program focused on developing certain areas in the state into magnets for talent has been launched by CTNext.

So far, 2016 offers mixed results for region, state

It's the official midway point in the year, so it's a good time to break down some of 2016's low and high points. Here's our analysis of this year's good, bad and ugly.

Survey finds CT small businesses hiring, expanding

Sixty percent of Connecticut businesses with 500 or fewer employees reported that they’re hiring in 2016, according to a survey released Wednesday.

CT launches Entrepreneur Learner’s Permit

A new state law was signed recently creating an Entrepreneur Learner's Permit. This week's Q&A talks with Glendowlyn Thames, director of Small Business Innovation and CTNext at Connecticut Innovation.

CT ranked 10th worst for small business taxes

Keith Griffin |

A report issued Wednesday says Connecticut is the 10th worst state in the nation when it comes to taxes on small businesses.

CT flunks small-biz survey

Keith Griffin |

A new survey gives Connecticut an “F” and ranked the state dead last for its friendliness to small business in a variety of areas.

Small-biz regulation analysis smart move by lawmakers

The state legislature took a small but important step last week that could potentially improve Connecticut's business climate in the years ahead.

House Republicans call for postcard-simple tax returns

CNNMoney |

Simplify the tax code and whittle down the tax return to the size of a postcard. Lower tax rates. Expand key tax breaks and eliminate most others. That's what a tax reform blueprint put out by House...

Legislature overrides small business regulation bill veto

Both chambers of the General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to override the veto of a bill that seeks to analyze the fiscal impact of new regulations on business.

Wrice's two decades narrowed CT's energy-affordability gap

Keith Griffin |

When Patricia Wrice started as executive director of Operation Fuel back in 1997, things were much different. While she was full time, the organization was largely part time and housed in a church...

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