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Small Business

Malloy signs four pro-business bills

Patricia Daddona |

Connecticut will set up a small business hotline and take a handful of other pro-business steps, following Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's signing of a slew of bills Friday.

New law drops state licensing requirements for some jobs

Patricia Daddona |

Swimming pool assemblers and athletic agents are among the professionals who will no longer need to obtain state credentials to do their jobs, according to a bill signed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy into...

DECD now charged with updating CT business portal

Patricia Daddona |

A new law requires Connecticut to promote its electronic business portal to encourage entrepreneurship while also making it easier to register a business with the state.

New law expands angel investor tax credit program

Patricia Daddona |

A new law is on the books that expands Connecticut's angel investor tax credit program to businesses in any industry.

Hartford's Max Downtown closing for renovations

Greg Bordonaro |

Hartford's Max Downtown will close after dinner service today as its preps for a major renovation to its popular center city restaurant.

Businesses held largely harmless in regular session

Matt Pilon |

While the legislature this session passed many bills, and left many more to rot on the House and Senate floors, it's unclear which proposals could be revived as lawmakers continue to negotiate a...

Small biz hotline bill gets Senate approval

Patricia Daddona |

A bill that would require state officials to staff a hotline to advise and assist small business owners on business concerns passed the Senate late Wednesday and is now headed to Gov. Dannel P.

Angel investor tax credit bill headed to Malloy

Patricia Daddona |

A bill that expands Connecticut's angel investor tax credit program to businesses in any industry has unanimously passed the Senate.

CBIA's insurance arm to get new leadership July 1

Patricia Daddona |

The insurance arm of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association is getting new leadership.

Tentative union deal prompts support from CT biz group

Patricia Daddona |

A Connecticut business group on Tuesday hailed reports that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and state unions are close to reaching a deal on concessions to address the state's fiscal crisis.

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