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The Dow is tumbling again as earnings fears spark selling


Maybe Corporate America isn't coming to Wall Street's rescue after all.

The $11 billion question looming over Ford


Ford intends to spend $11 billion to reshape its business. How it plans to spend that money remains a mystery.

Seattle is a guinea pig for $15 minimum wage. Here's what research shows


As states and cities have forged ahead in raising their minimum wages, early evaluations have found fears of widespread job loss to be mostly unfounded. It's been less clear, however, which workers...

iPhone XR review: Apple's secret weapon to sell even more smartphones


Apple's high-end iPhones typically get the most buzz. But the iPhone XR, a lower cost model that comes out on Friday, stole the show at the company's September product launch. And for good reason.

Stocks sell-off and other news to know before the Opening Bell

CNN Business |

US futures were pointing lower on Tuesday as investors around the world sold stocks.

Chick-fil-A is trying to get into your home

CNN Business |

Chick-fil-A thinks the future of fast food isn't in the restaurant; it's in your living room. Last week, the company opened up two prototype restaurants devoted exclusively to fulfilling delivery and...

Netflix wants to take on another $2 billion in debt


Netflix has spent massive amounts of money to build its streaming empire. Now it is looking toward debt markets to fund even more shows.The streaming...

GE gets a badly needed win in Iraq


General Electric's beleaguered power business scored a badly needed win by reaching a preliminary agreement to rebuild Iraq's war-torn electric grid.

Costs are going up for European airlines. The weakest won't survive

CNN Business |

Europe's largest airline is expecting to emerge from the holiday travel season with fewer competitors.

Hasbro will lay off hundreds after Toys 'R' Us' closure


Hasbro will lay off up to 10% of its employees, victims of the fallout after Toys "R" Us closed its doors.

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