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Southwest Airlines is saving billions on fuel

CNNMoney |

Think you're saving a lot on fuel? Southwest Airlines sure is.

Tootsie Roll names 83-year old widow as new CEO

CNNMoney |

Tootsie Roll lost its 95-year old CEO this week -- and then tapped his 83-year old widow to take his place.

Belichick talks #DeflateGate in front of Gillette #Flexball ad

CNNMoney |

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick spoke publicly for the first time about the team's deflated football scandal ... in front of an all-too-appropriate Gillette ad that read #Flexball.

Why airfares are sky-high when jet fuel is dirt cheap

CNNMoney |

Airlines are saving big on jet fuel thanks to the plunge in the price of oil -- but those savings aren't getting passed onto customers.

ECB unveils big new stimulus program

CNNMoney |

The European Central Bank has taken a dramatic step to stimulate the region's troubled economy, unveiling a massive bond buying program worth at least $1.3 trillion.

'Homeless' millionaire poker pro: I own almost nothing and I've never been happier

CNNMoney | Faraz Jaka |

In 2007, I graduated from the University of Illinois, and spent the next two years traveling the world playing poker.

Smarter people use iPhones - study

CNNMoney |

Are you an iPhone user? Congratulations! You're probably smarter than the Android owner sitting next to you.

Hands on with Microsoft's HoloLens

CNNMoney |

One second, you're looking at the flat surface of a real wooden table. Then, you're gazing straight through it, past small trees, tiny confused zombies, and layers of earth into a deep hole filled...

Top executives freak out about hackers

CNNMoney |

Cybercrime is now the top risk banks face, Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins said Thursday.

London mayor bends to IRS, settles U.S. tax dispute

CNNMoney |

After steadfastly refusing to pay an "absolutely outrageous" tax bill demanded by American authorities, the mayor of London is back in the good graces of the Internal Revenue Service.

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