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The Bushnell preps for next performance: Realty developer

Gregory Seay | 1

When Hartford's Bushnell Center for Performing Arts opened in 1930, it was hailed as a “beacon of hope'' amid the Depression underway at the time, according to its online history.

Bloomfield's development spurt tinged with housing

Gregory Seay |

Bloomfield is in the midst of its biggest commercial-residential development surge in nearly a generation.

Larson’s regional transportation vision worthy of support

David MacDonald |

Connecticut legislators and Hartford city representatives need to stand up, collaborate and support Congressman John Larson's $10 billion vision to redevelop stretches of I-84 and I-91 through...

Russian Lady hit with music lawsuit

The music licensing industry has struck again, this time targeting a downtown Hartford bar for playing 10 songs for patrons, when it allegedly did not hold the rights to do so.

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