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The other Sears that isn't in bankruptcy


There's another Sears, with 650 stores nationwide, that isn't in bankruptcy. But it's in trouble, too.

Triumph to service $77M defense contract in W. Hartford

Joe Cooper |

Triumph Group Inc., which has major manufacturing operations in Connecticut, has won a $77 million federal defense contract to produce digital electronic control units in West Hartford for certain...

Here's one market Amazon can't easily crack: Car parts


Amazon is gunning to sell more car parts.

Online grocery competition heats up in CT

Matt Pilon |

Online grocery shopping competition is heating up in Connecticut with several new players entering the market.

The holiday season will be so huge it will overwhelm the stores


Retailers are making big hiring plans in anticipation of the holiday shopping rush.Gap said on Monday that it was bringing on 65,000 seasonal workers.

Vast web works to meet Connecticut's labor challenges

Matt Pilon |

When Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took office in 2011, he laid out his vision for creating one of the global economy's “best-educated, most-skilled, highest-productive” workforces that would...

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