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Economic Development

McKinney: Amazon to NYC was a bad deal; CT shouldn't try to follow suit

Fred McKinney |

The desperate and unseemly recruitment of large companies by governors and mayors fueled by political egotism is counterproductive, economically inefficient, and does great damage to wealth and...

It may be bumpy, but Lamont sees 'a path forward'


Gov. Ned Lamont cast his first budget proposal Wednesday as “a path forward,” a map for a wealthy state struggling to wriggle free of a crushing pension debt amassed over decades, end...

Hartford Times Bldg. gets first storefront tenant

Joe Cooper |

The former Hartford Times Building has its first brick-and-mortar tenant.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down


Gov. Ned Lamont will give with one hand and take with the other in the budget he proposes Wednesday.

Democrats send mixed messages to biz

Greg Bordonaro |

There is a tale of two Democratic parties in Connecticut right now and it's unclear how the business community will respond to the mixed messaging.

Tax abatements lure Forrest Machine to Berlin

Gregory Seay |

For 20 of the 35 years of Forrest Machine Inc.'s existence, family owners of the aerospace metalsmith called Rocky Hill home.

How Amazon blew its chance in New York


The deal was supposed to be foolproof. Amazon put two years and untold amounts of staff time and money into negotiating with New York to save about $3 billion on a new campus in one of America's most...

State loan, crowdfunding boost Hartford composter

Matt Pilon |

Blue Earth Composting is expanding its reach with the help of a recent economic development loan.

Amazon cancels plans to build New York headquarters


Amazon is ditching its plans to build a new headquarters in New York after facing backlash from members of the community.

Hartford expects $7.7M ‘March Madness’ windfall

Gregory Seay |

About 25,000 fans will descend on Hartford’s XL Center in late March for first- and second-rounds of the 2019 NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament, giving an estimated $7.7 million shot...

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