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Minimum-wage hike scored as bad for business


Raising the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour is likely to cost jobs for those who need them most — workers at the low end of the socioeconomic and job-skills spectrum, business leaders...

Union contract for Stop & Shop workers to expire

Joe Cooper |

An existing three-year labor contract between Mass.-based grocery retailer Stop & Shop and its New England workers is set to expire on Saturday.

US tariffs could cost German automakers $7 billion a year


US tariffs could cost German automakers $7 billion a year, but they will hurt more than just car factories.

Retail layoffs are piling up. Here's the whole story


Payless. Charlotte Russe. Toys "R" Us. The chain store liquidations just keep coming, putting tens of thousands of workers out of their jobs. Is the retail industry about to collapse?

Unintended consequences: Workplace mandates can also hurt workers

Eric Gjede |

I frequently hear from businesses that they simply cannot find skilled workers to replace their aging workforce. Many lament that we spend so much to educate our younger residents, only to lose...

Democrats send mixed messages to biz

Greg Bordonaro |

There is a tale of two Democratic parties in Connecticut right now and it's unclear how the business community will respond to the mixed messaging.

Federal tax cuts push Connecticut banks' earnings to record levels

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut banks are rolling in dough, courtesy of Uncle Sam. One year after President Donald Trump enacted the largest corporate tax cut in modern U.S. history, this state's 40 federally insured...

Tribune recognizes Hartford Courant's union bid, negotiations to begin

Joe Cooper |

Journalists at the Hartford Courant on Friday won the right to organize a union after its parent company, Tribune Publishing, said it would voluntarily recognize the Hartford Courant Guild.

How Amazon blew its chance in New York


The deal was supposed to be foolproof. Amazon put two years and untold amounts of staff time and money into negotiating with New York to save about $3 billion on a new campus in one of America's most...

GOP pitches bills on workforce development, job training

Joe Cooper |

Senate Republicans unveiled a second wave of legislation Thursday they say would lift barriers to employment, increase job training and lighten the burden for first-time homebuyers.

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