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How clean is hydrogen?

Matt Pilon |

So, is hydrogen clean? Just like electricity, the answer depends on how it's sourced.

Amid funding cuts, Enfield manufacturer finds energy-efficiency program a worthy investment

Gregory Seay |

Amid funding cuts, an Enfield manufacturer says a state-promoted, energy-efficiency program is a worthy investment.

Environmental groups, Hartford slam Airport Authority's tree-trimming plan

Joe Cooper |

Environmental groups and the city of Hartford are raising questions about the Connecticut Airport Authority’s (CAA) handling of an environmental assessment that proposes to cut down 30 acres of...

Environmental Systems Corp.

Air Liquide completes hydrogen fueling station in Hartford

Joe Cooper |

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies on Monday said it completed installing a hydrogen fueling station in in Hartford's North Meadows section.

Four tactics to attract and retain manufacturing talent

Joe Gianni and Eric Bauer |

Attracting and retaining top talent for the manufacturing industry is more challenging than ever.

CT draws $30M for clean-water projects

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut has drawn more than $30 million in federal clean-water funds to finance a slate of drinking-water and sewage projects statewide, authorities say.

VW settlement funds to green CT vehicle fleets soon

Matt Pilon |

More than two years after Volkswagen agreed to pay $14.7 billion to settle allegations that it installed emissions cheating software in its vehicles, Connecticut is nearly ready to start doling out...

Creating organizational climate change that works

Julie Connolly |

One year ago, the city of Hartford published its Hartford Climate Action Plan.

Green Bank hopes carbon credits will jumpstart electric vehicle chargers

Matt Pilon |

In addition to the still relatively high price of an electric vehicle, lack of charging facilities in some areas is a major hurdle to spurring consumer demand for the environmentally friendly cars.

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