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Foreign Trade

Europe's economy is getting hit from all sides


Europe's economy turned in its best performance in decades in 2017. There won't be a repeat anytime soon.

Stocks pop after new US-Canada-Mexico deal


The stock market appears to like the new trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico.Stocks popped after all three countries agreed...

Aer Lingus extends commitment to Bradley Airport; CT reduces revenue guarantee

Joe Cooper |

Aer Lingus has committed to an additional four years bringing travelers between Bradley International Airport and Dublin, Ireland, despite missing its first-year revenue target.

China's exports are slowing. The trade war will make things worse

CNNMoney |

The Chinese economy's massive export engine is slowing down as the trade war heats up. A new salvo from the United States could push it into reverse.

China to put 25% tariffs on $16 billion worth of US products


China has announced plans to put tariffs of 25% on US products worth $16 billion, the latest move in an escalating trade war.The Chinese government...

Opinion: Trade with Canada, Mexico vital to New England's economy

James T. Brett |

Canada and Mexico are not only important allies, they are significant economic partners for the U.S., and for the New England states in particular.

European carmakers win big as U.S. backs off tariff threat


Carmakers are the big winners after the United States and European Union announced a ceasefire on trade.

China cuts taxes to protect economy from trade war


China is looking for new ways to pump up its slowing economy as a trade war with the United States escalates.Beijing has announced a range of measures...

A transatlantic trade war is brewing. Can it be stopped?


Europe is hoping crunch talks with the United States this week will head off the threat of car tariffs and a transatlantic trade war.

Foreign investment in the United States plunged 32% in 2017


The amount of money coming into American companies from overseas fell 32% last year.Foreign investors spent $259.6 billion to acquire, launch, and...

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