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June 21, 2021

2021 Family Business Awards: Beacon Industries Inc.

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1st Place
Category: 76 - 199 Full-Time Employees

Beacon Industries manufactures complex precision components primarily made of exotic superalloys that are engineered for high performance even in the most demanding applications, such as flight safety and radiotherapy.

Tell us a bit about your recent accomplishments.

Instead of focusing solely on cost reduction during these challenging times, our approach has been to improve efficiencies in all processes throughout the organization. As a result of this strategy, we are able to bring new customers onboard in new industries, reduce waste and ensure that the company has a sustainable footprint and operation which ultimately leads to better service for our customers at a lower cost.

How has your company shifted its strategy during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, we pivoted our strategy by pursuing novel and advanced techniques such as additive manufacturing, expanding into different industries such as marine, nuclear fusion and medical hardware. This has helped us sustain employment here in Connecticut and diversify the business so that it is less susceptible to cyclical trends in each individual industry.

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