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2022 C-SUITE Honoree Shannon Marimón

Shannon Marimón
Executive Director
Size of organization: 20.5 full-time employees; $3.2M operating budget
Education: MBA, Yale School of Management 
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ReadyCT works to advance academic excellence and career-connected learning for public school students through advocacy, public awareness, career pathways and capacity-building of schools/districts.

As executive director, Shannon Marimón’s role is to steward the fiscal and human resources of the organization and inspire team members, school partners and industry collaborators to help students prepare for the workplace.

What have been your biggest professional accomplishments over the past year?

ReadyCT was quick to adapt to the shuttered school buildings and reshaped educational landscape of COVID by thinking outside the box.

With public health precautions in place, our programming continued by partnering with higher education, public sector partners and the faith-based community. That resourcefulness existed long before COVID and remains a cornerstone of our work.

Guiding business principle: Actions speak louder than words.

Best way to keep your competitive edge: I have a rock I found as part of a daily scavenger hunt during COVID that says, ‘Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.’ I strive for this in the way I show up for others.

Best business decision: Deciding to rebrand the organization and think more strategically about the career pathway model in a way that taps into existing best practices, customizes it to the local context and demonstrates the value-add to all stakeholders.

Worst business decision: I’ve been fooled, by charisma and charm that isn’t backed by substance. I’ve learned my lesson and now look for three essential virtues of a team player — humility, hunger and people smarts — which I credit to author Patrick Lencioni.

Biggest missed opportunity: I worked for Google in the early 2000s, and left for a job that was better aligned with my passion but before my stock options vested.

Goal yet to be achieved: It’s essential we elevate professions of all types — especially the trades, manufacturing and education — so we move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to the design and delivery of our education system.

Personal touch in your office: A Spanish surrealist tapestry in orange that I received as a wedding gift. It reminds me of one of the best days of my life and is reflective of my passion for modern art.

In what ways are you involved in the community?

Earth Day clean-ups, clothing drives, tutoring programs and opportunities to bring the business voice to the classroom are at the core of what we do.

Personal side

City of residence: West Hartford

Favorite way to relax: Wander on a Saturday morning, grab a cup o’joe at J. Rene, stop by the farmer’s market and take in the sights and sounds of the moment.

Hobbies: Yoga/barre, wine, book clubbing, knitting, running/hiking

Last vacation: Oahu and Kauai, Hawaii

Favorite movie: “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”

The car you drive: Subaru Forester

Currently reading: “Year of Yes,” by Shonda Rhimes; “Music of Bees,” by Eileen Garvin.

Favorite cause: The National Park Service and Knox Parks

Second choice career: Run an organic winery and working farm that provided workforce training opportunities for youth. Or, I’d be the new host of Amazing Race!

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