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2023 C-SUITE Honoree Liz Chasse

Chief Marketing Officer Goodroot Size of organization:100 employees Education: Bachelor’s degree in communication/public relations, Marist College Click here to return to the honoree page
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Winner Category | Chief Marketing Officer

Liz Chasse is a marketing leader with nearly two decades of experience in brand development, launch and growth.

As chief marketing officer at Goodroot, Chasse has demonstrated her ability to create vision, evolve with market needs and build, scale and empower an effective marketing team. She has helped launch 10 affiliate companies into the market quickly, and under her leadership, her team has made valuable contributions to the Goodroot organization and healthcare industry as a whole.

What have been your biggest professional accomplishments over the past year?

At Goodroot, we move incredibly fast and that extends to our marketing team. We’ve curated a group of high-achievers who’ve garnered respect, accolades and admiration within the Goodroot community.

Cultivating a culture that values every idea, voice and achievement while fostering inclusivity, creativity and collaboration stands as one of my proudest achievements.

Whether it’s launching a new venture, introducing groundbreaking technologies, supporting a first big sale or getting a team leader recognized in industry publications, supporting each of them is profoundly rewarding. Their success serves as a barometer of the collective accomplishments of my team.

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In what ways are you involved in the community?

I am involved in numerous community organizations, including the Connecticut Women’s Council (CWC), Dress for Success and Hillside Equestrian Meadows in Wolcott. Previously, while at blumshapiro, I was involved with the Junior Achievement program, the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion committee, the Greater Hartford Gay & Lesbian Chamber and Leadership Greater Hartford.

On the job

Guiding business principle: Always prioritize your team’s well-being. I strive to maintain an open-door policy, even when my office door is physically closed. Being accessible and available to my team, whether it’s to address their needs, answer questions, offer guidance or simply engage in casual conversations about their weekend plans, fosters a culture of trust and support within our organization.

Best way to keep your competitive edge: Embrace a perpetual learning mindset. If you ever find yourself thinking you’ve reached the end of what you can learn, it’s time to reevaluate your openness to growth or consider exploring new environments.

Biggest missed opportunity: In marketing, I see missed opportunities every single day! In the dynamic landscape of marketing, opportunities emerge constantly. It’s a realm brimming with talented individuals and companies accomplishing awe-inspiring feats, leading to moments of thinking ‘I wish I had thought of that first!’ But these missed opportunities also fan the flames of the next big idea.

Goal yet to be achieved: Goodroot, though small, carries a mighty mission of reshaping our healthcare system — a task that’s both challenging and rewarding. While our journey is far from over, the dream of ending my career years from now knowing that I played a part in making healthcare more accessible and affordable for nearly every person in our country would be a great conclusion to my professional story.

Personal side:

City of residence: Bristol

Favorite way to relax: Taking care of my vegetable garden and making homemade salsa, sauce and other great dishes from the vegetables I have grown

Hobbies: Gardening, horseback riding, working out and home improvement projects

Last vacation: Lake Keowee, South Carolina

Favorite movie: “Saving Private Ryan”

The car you drive: Nissan Rogue

Currently reading: I am always reading and try to have one book for learning/growth, and one for fun on my nightstand. Right now that’s “No Rule Rules, Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention,” and for fun it’s “When We Believed in Mermaids.”

Favorite cause: Animal welfare/rescue and organizations that empower women

Second choice career: I am lucky to be doing what I love every day and wouldn’t change it for the world. But as a child, I always wanted to be a veterinarian.

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