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May 13, 2024 Category Winner: Microenterprise Business of the Year

2024 SBA Awards: Programmatic B2B LLC

Microenterprise Business of the Year: Programmatic B2B LLC Check out the other 2024 SBA Award winners
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Q&A talks with Chris DeMartine, chief commercial officer of Programmatic B2B LLC.

Q. Can you describe your business?

A. Programmatic B2B builds custom audiences, delivers interactive creative content, and facilitates relevant, cost-effective B2B marketing communications with cross-channel consistency and complete transparency. 

Everything we do is backed up with comprehensive reporting and analysis. Our account-based reporting provides clients with the specific companies, job functions and seniority of users who are engaged on their websites. The provides seamless integration of sales and marketing by linking opportunities with digital advertising campaigns for deal-based marketing as well. 

Most importantly, services are built for small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford the high minimums required by account-based marketing platforms.

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Q. How did you get into this business? 

A. In March of 2019, my previous employer closed its doors on our division, sending home everyone on our team the day before we were scheduled to close on our Connecticut lakefront dream home. 

It was decision time. Do I repeat history and opt-in for a steady paycheck, unrealistic sales goals and persistent pressure to perform, or grab my domain and attach it to 25 years of B2B sales and marketing experience as a limited liability company? 

The motivation was freedom, and the reality was that no job description would leverage my strengths more than that which I would create.

Q. How has your business grown in the past year? 

A. Programmatic B2B revenues grew by 27% in 2023 compared with the prior year. Our company just landed several new major accounts for which we expect growth to continue at an even higher rate this year. Due to our extremely low overhead, strategic application of digital advertising technology, and overall agility, our return on assets is 319%.

Our biggest accomplishments are our organic website optimization and B2B lead generation for new client acquisition. In the past year, our website generated 979,005 organic Google search impressions and 38 new prospects.

Q. What’s a major challenge your business has overcome in the past year? 

A. Our greatest challenge for the business was generating recurring revenue from existing clients. Clients primarily use our services to run digital advertising campaigns, and when the campaign ends, so does the client relationship. Many would come back, but revenue was inconsistent. 

Therefore, in the last several months, we have migrated 90% of our clients from digital advertising and email marketing to a new custom account-based marketing solution for small to mid-sized businesses. 

Eighty percent of clients are now continuing long-term with us, whereas prior to this solution, we retained less than one-third of them beyond three months. 

Q. What major strategic plans do you have in the next few years? 

A. The digital advertising landscape changes too fast to plan beyond a couple years, so here’s what we are doing in 2024 to stay agile and prepare for this change. 
Our competition is relatively weak due to their high overhead and inability or unwillingness to service the complex account-based marketing campaigns with the same level of transparency that we offer. 

For this reason, we are going to continue to improve our efficiency by leveraging AI for developing digital ads (creative) and further automate our account-based reporting. We have also documented new processes for generating hyper-targeted audiences for B2B, government and event marketing.

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