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January 13, 2016

Apple only Big Tech company that hasn't announced a VR product


Then there was Apple.

Google announced Tuesday that it will launch a new virtual reality team. It will be headed by Clay Bavor, one of the people behind Google Cardboard, which is a paper contraption that folds into a virtual reality viewfinder for nearly any smartphone.

The new department and management change, first reported by Re/Code, means that Apple is now the only major consumer electronics company that doesn't have a publicly announced plan to produce virtual or augmented reality products.

Microsoft has HoloLens, Facebook has Oculus Rift, Samsung has Gear VR, and Sony has PlayStation VR. Smaller firms including Panasonic and HTC have announced devices too.

But Apple is known for keeping its products a secret until they're ready for sale so it's difficult to imagine that Apple hasn't been working on some kind of virtual reality device. After all, the company is known for making existing products incredibly beautiful and easy to use. We might be safe to assume that Apple playing the same wait and see game with VR.

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