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November 5, 2018 Newsmakers

Bruce Carlson | President & CEO, Connecticut Technology Council

Bruce Carlson, who has helmed Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) as president and CEO since 2014, will leave his post at the end of the year.

CTC works to connect tech companies with growth resources, in addition to advocating for pro-tech industry policy. With 20 years of experience working in the state Office of Policy Management, followed by stints at UConn Health and a technology commercialization company, CTC has been a good fit for him, he said.

As he prepares to make his exit, Carlson isn't sure what his next move will be. But he hopes in his absence, the state and Tech Council will keep a sharp focus on talent acquisition, and look to other states' tech industry apprenticeship programs for possible adoption here.

What have been your greatest accomplishments at CTC?

During my tenure at CTC, we have focused our efforts on three strategic initiatives: talent and workforce, growth companies, and IT and infrastructure. Developing those initiatives through input from the board and the tech community, and then aligning everything we do with those initiatives, has brought clarity to CTC's mission.

What is the most important issue currently facing technology-oriented companies in Connecticut?

Talent acquisition. Almost every tech company in Connecticut is either looking to hire, or planning to hire soon. We need to make sure the workforce is available to help maintain these companies' growth.

Upon your exit, what would you like to see CTC prioritize?

In 2019, CTC will celebrate its 25th anniversary. While that is good news, it also means that at least one generation of tech leadership has developed since our inception. CTC needs to continue to work toward attracting this new generation by continuing to develop programs and communication relevant to these tech leaders.

During your tenure at CTC, what legislation was most positive and most negative for tech-oriented companies in Connecticut?

Most positive: The angel investor tax credit and research and development tax credit. We have fought for and had both re-authorized during my tenure.

I also think that though it wasn't passed during my tenure at CTC, the implementation of the CTNext program is beginning to make significant strides in advancing young tech companies and entrepreneurs.

Most negative: Passage of the increase in tax on data-processing services. There wasn't enough understanding of who would be affected by the tax and the extent of the impact.

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