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October 22, 2022

Check out HBJ's 2022 Economic Development Series

Gary Lewis Goodwin University senior officials (from left) Bryant L. Harrell, Todd Andrews and Mark McGovern stand in front of a portion of the East Hartford-based campus where the college aims to build a marina, hotel and student housing.

Planes, trains, buses and waterways are all used as transportation modes, but they are also increasingly seen and being leveraged as economic development tools. 

The state has invested billions of dollars over the years in its rail and bus lines and airports and waterways, hoping to spur economic development. 

Already there are many development projects happening around those various transportation modes. Even more investment is expected in the years ahead with the influx of federal dollars from President Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Hartford Business Journal in October and November will publish a series of stories taking a deep look into how transportation hubs are being used for economic development, and what challenges and untapped opportunities lie ahead.   

This page will be updated as new stories get published.

We hope you enjoy the series. Feel free to reach out with story ideas. 

Greg Bordonaro 
Hartford Business Journal

Week 1: Recapturing Waterfronts

Once industrial wastelands, CT’s riverfronts increasingly seen as major economic development opportunities

East Hartford, Goodwin University pursue tandem developments anchored by CT River

Drawing economic benefit from cleaner rivers a ‘delicate balance’

Week 2: Transit-oriented development

Growth Accelerator: Hartford Line train stations spur major economic development opportunities for municipalities

Controversial CTfastrak busway spurs New Britain transit-oriented development boom

Week 3: Airports

Bradley International Airport aims to become a Northeast cargo hub

With new customs facility, hangar expansion, Waterbury-Oxford Airport aims for higher profile

Amid fight for control of Sikorsky Airport, advocates push for commercial passenger service


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