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June 24, 2024

CoreBev launches new CT Distilling HQ in Waterbury

CoreBev Fort Hill bourbon by Connecticut Distilling

Connecticut-based alcohol manufacturer CoreBev said it is opening a new craft distillery in Waterbury.

Connecticut Distilling will serve as the new manufacturing hub for all domestic legacy CoreBev products and feature a tasting lounge for craft cocktails. It will produce a range of premium craft spirits, including five new products like a "Charred" whiskey and "Drops" clear floral spirit both made from beer, "Fort Hill" bourbon, "Waterville" vodka, and a Blueberry Rum made by resting Connecticut blueberries in rum for two months, according to CoreBev founder Stelios Stavrianos.

Connecticut Distilling will be located at 2066 Thomaston Ave., which was the home of Waterbury-based Continuum Distilling before it was acquired by CoreBev earlier this year. 

CoreBev’s Connecticut Distilling is a culmination of the former Continuum Distilling and The Cocktail Chemist Bev Co., founded by Dimitrios Zahariadis.

Continuum Distilling was launched in early 2020 by Brandon Collins, who remains the company’s master distiller. Continuum was acquired by CoreBev for $1 million in early 2024. Also part of the team is Connecticut Distilling's manager Zahariadis, who founded The Cocktail Chemist Bev Co. that was acquired by CoreBev in late 2021.

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