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June 4, 2018

CT Lotto's CEO search

One task Connecticut Lottery Corp. has been struggling with of late is naming a permanent CEO, something it's not had since Anne Noble departed the role in the fall of 2016.

Chelsea Turner has been holding the interim president and CEO title for more than a year.

Asked about the search, Connecticut Lottery Chairman Donald DeFronzo said: “We're back on track after a number of delays.”

He said that the board got close with several candidates, but the first decided last summer that he didn't want to move his family from another state. There was another delay after DeFronzo was appointed and wanted to review the application process. The lottery was talking with a second candidate late last year, but then the botched New Year's Day drawing happened.

“That sort of put a freeze on everything. No one wanted to make a move after that,” DeFronzo said. “It unfortunately just happened at the worst possible time and reinforced some of the negative press out there.”

He said the negative headlines have made some candidates think twice about pursuing the job; so has political uncertainty.

For one, there's going to be a new governor in 2019. And second, some lawmakers have talked about changing the structure of the lottery, and even moving it within the teacher's pension system to help pay unfunded liabilities.

But the search resumed a few months ago, and DeFronzo said he thinks there will be a CEO announcement this year.

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