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March 7, 2024

CT ranked No. 2 most-educated state in U.S. in recent study

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Connecticut is the second most-educated state in the nation, according to a study from the educational platform Teach Simple, which provides access to teaching resources.

Only Massachusetts received a higher overall score, with 46% of its population over 25 having a bachelor's degree or higher.

According to the study, Connecticut has the second-highest percentage of 18- to 24-year-olds enrolled in post-secondary institutions, at 49.6%. 

The study found that the third best state for education is New Jersey, which stands out for its relatively high rate of students enrolled in gifted and talented programs, at 5.2%.

Other states in the top five are Utah and Virginia.

The study used 18 different factors to determine the level of education in each state, such as average standardized testing scores, library visits per capita, library materials lent, number of people in state-run adult education programs, percentage of 18- to 24-year-olds enrolled in postsecondary education, percentage of population over 25 with a bachelor’s degree or higher, public high school graduation rates, percentage of students enrolled in gifted and talented programs, and percentage of high school dropouts.

The authors of the study gathered, analyzed, weighted and indexed the data for each state to create an academic achievement score out of 100. 

Cole Vineyard, founder of Teach Simple, said the COVID-19 pandemic caused many students to miss school, which underscores the importance of providing more resources and support to the next generation. 

“Education is extremely beneficial for economic success,” Vineyard said. “Individuals with higher levels of education will have access to better job opportunities, higher salaries and greater job security.”

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