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Dan Russell 2022 Family Business Lifetime Achievement Award

Industry: Architecture, Engineering and Construction Year Founded: 1965 Website:
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Russell and Dawson Inc. is an integrated architecture, engineering and construction services company, serving across the New England region.

Tell us a bit about your recent accomplishments. 

Dan Russell fostered a rich, noteworthy professional legacy spanning more than 68 years. He is relentless in his passion for the profession, for society at large and for the sustainable environment. He maintained an interest in professional architectural practice throughout his career, contributing to many projects throughout the U.S., from churches to houses and seemingly everything in between.

How do you plan to keep your business going even after your current top executive retires?  

Dan Russell, a retiree, co-founder, vice president of Russell and Dawson, spent ample time with Chirag Thaker (current president) for about nine years before he decided to retire. Dan has molded and mentored the team in a way that values have been passed on to the employees. We work on the principles set forth by them. Chirag worked with Dan side by side, in agreement with the way a business runs. Dan had the creative ideas, executed by Chirag. The co-founder still shares his wisdom when required.

What are your family values and how do they contribute to your business success?

Dan believed in leading by example and teamwork. He engaged with his employees in their happy times and difficult days. He mentored them professionally as well as personally to be successful in life. High school graduate students shadowed him at the office to learn and observe how he worked. The team members were a part of most of his meetings with customers, thus practicing what we believe in. Everyone working with him learned how to live in the community and how everyone should be working as one family, helping each other in need.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

Dan would like to see Chirag build a strong network throughout the Northeast to provide a one-stop solution for projects along with continuing to keep the tradition of being a client-first company and doing the right thing.


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