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Earth Animal Ventures LLC 2022 Family Business Second Place 25-75 Full Time Employees

Industry: Pet Year Founded: 1979 Website:
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Earth Animal is a leader in safe alternatives to rawhide and insecticide free flea and tick prevention products for pets. Dr. Bob Goldstein’s veterinary formulated foods and supplements are sustainably sourced and made.

Tell us a bit about your recent accomplishments.

Earth Animal’s accomplishments include the launch of Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom dog food and the debut of the Earth Animal Academy, an educational service for retailers and pet parents on the subject of healing and wellness. EA became a public benefit corporation, dedicated to a more humane, transparent and traceable supply chain to ensure all animals have a good life.

How has your company shifted its strategy during the pandemic?

We have expanded our customer centricity by connecting our products with as many pet parents as possible so that we can reach the animal in need of wellness or healing. Sustainability has always been in our DNA. However, since the pandemic, sustainability has been integrated into our overall company business strategy with very specific goals and objectives.

What are your family values and how do they contribute to your business success?

Our cause no harm philosophy drives our products: food, supplements, treats and lifestyle have had an enormous impact on our success. EA is a consultative, solution-oriented entity. We are mindful of connecting with the end user, the dog and cat, in as many ways as possible.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

Our commitment to sustainability will deepen by reducing our dependency on meat, therefore reducing our carbon imprint. We will keep on keeping on creating awareness to stop factory farming of animals. Earth Animal’s use of meat will be greatly diminished by the plant-based foods that are currently under development by Dr. Bob and his team of food scientists.

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