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May 3, 2023

Elidah launches overactive bladder treatment

Image | Contributed Elidah of Monroe makes Elitone, a non-surgical device designed to strengthen women’s pelvic floor muscles

Monroe-based medical technology company Elidah has a new product, the Elitone Urge, designed to help provide relief for overactive bladder in women.

The new device, a successor to the Elitone, is an external, non-implanted device that outputs signals that calm the nerves and muscles that cause urgency and overactive bladder, according to the company.

Elitone Urge received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in February.

According to the company, 76% of women who participated in a study saw significant leak reduction within 6 weeks. About 97% of women achieved some leak reduction and showed an improvement in quality of life.

Gloria Kolb, chief executive officer of Elidah, said before the Elitone Urge product, there were no effective at-home treatments for overactive bladder leaks. 

“Incontinence medications are problematic, and invasive implants are often not lasting solutions,” Kolb said. “By ensuring women can easily and safely treat their leaks without side effects, we know we will be helping millions of people.”

The device also received FDA approval to be sold over the counter in order to increase access to the treatment. 

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