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October 22, 2018 Family Business Awards 2018

Environmental Systems Corp.

ESC employees volunteering.

2nd Place — 76-plus employees category

Environmental Systems Corp.

Headquarters: West Hartford

Industry: Building Services

Year Founded: 1972

Founder: Don McCurdy

Generation Currently Running Company: 2nd

No. of Full-Time Employees: 140

No. of Part-Time Employees: 2

Family Members Currently Employed at Company: Craig McCurdy, Vice President, Don McCurdy's son; Jess Protz, Corporate Marketing & Business Development Manager, Don's granddaughter, Craig's niece; Chris Gersky, IT Project Manager, Don's grandson, Craig's nephew.

Company Website:

ESC helps facility owners and managers improve building performance by planning and integrating solutions to optimize comfort, security, life safety, energy efficiency and audio/visual technology.

Recent accomplishments

In the last 12 months, ESC has added 188 new clients, responded to over 5,000 service calls and performed thousands of projects and maintenance routines for customers. During that same time, the company secured nearly $2 million in utility incentives for energy clients' projects that will return more than $500,000 in collective annual energy savings.

In addition, ESC acquired a company and earned several awards from suppliers.

How do you remain competitive in the market?

We remain competitive by hiring and retaining the best talent in our markets. Our continued growth is mostly due to the dedication of ESC's employees. In the last 12 months and in a very competitive job market, we have hired an additional 29 experienced and broadly skilled employees.

Best of all, even though we have grown to over 140 employees, we have been able to hold on to a family culture that usually becomes harder to maintain in companies of our size.

What is the biggest challenge to your business in the coming year?

Our biggest challenge will be finding the right type of and quantity of talented employees. They are needed for us to keep up with our growth and to be able to satisfy customer demand. We have recognized a significant amount of business opportunity.  It would be very disappointing to have the opportunity and not have the manpower to adequately perform the work.

What is the one family value you want passed on to each generation in your business?

Do what's right! At ESC we have always embraced our values in doing what's right for our customers as well as our employees.

Don McCurdy, ESC's founder, is regarded as the most honest and ethical person by many members of our community. In his personal life he helped raise his family of five children, 12 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren on the principle of doing what's right.

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