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July 17, 2014 40 Under Forty 2014

Erin M. Concepción

Age: 34

Title at work/what I do: I am the director of sales support in Group Benefits Sales & Distribution at The Hartford. My team is currently responsible for centralized support services and our mission is to take the burden off the field. We do this by providing field executive support, managing hardware/software and computer/systems access, handling expense and fleet car management, as well as other IT and compliance related tasks.

Town where I work: Simsbury

Town where I live: Hartford

College I attended: Central CT State University

My passion, hobby or special talent: I have a small business, Shoppe Sassafrass. Custom wooden signs and other items.

Twitter handle: @HartfordinIt

No. of LinkedIn connections: Too many!

Favorite place to network: Salute

Favorite drink at a networking event: Water... until the baby comes!

How do I create connections in my professional life?

Without a shy bone in my body and coming from a long line of talkers, I have no problem starting up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, about almost anything. Most of my work relationships start with casual conversation. I like to get to know people on a personal level (when it makes sense of course). Knowing even just a few details about an individual can help you better understand their work style, habits and/or rationale. I've been told my conversation approach puts people at ease. I also think I can be quite funny! However my husband would disagree.

What's been my biggest challenge professionally?

I literally, grew up up at work, which included some hard lessons. I started at The Hartford when I was 21 and certainly had a lot to learn. I was fortunate enough to have many supportive managers who really invested their time in helping me grow and teaching me the skills I needed to be trusted with more responsibility, reward me for a job well done, and introduce me to self-awareness. I was provided opportunities to practice where I had weaknesses and showcase them as they became strengths. While growing up, I moved up… and will hopefully continue to. It's a learning process every day!

What is the best advice I received?

There are two things that come to mind here. “It's only group insurance” and to always be self-aware. We want to do our best every day at work, but we can't let the days cause too much stress or anxiety. There are busy days, days when you feel like nothing goes right and days when you just don't know if you'll make it to 5 p.m.! Reminding myself, as a wise manager always says, that “it's only group insurance” really helps to put things in perspective. And then there is self-awareness. Wow. What did I do without it? Everyone should put a little more thought into how the email, voicemail, facial expression, or tone they are presenting may be perceived. Put yourself on the receiving end of your actions before you hit send or react.

What do I want my legacy to be?

I hope to make brighter futures for as many people as possible. Whether that's by giving someone something as simple as the smile or hello they needed during a tough time, a benefit from a volunteer effort or charitable donation, or something else they need to get them through or get them to a better place.

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