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December 21, 2018

Farhad Rassekh: Bearish outlook for CT's economy in 2019

Farhad Rassekh

Farhad Rassekh

Economics Professor, University of Hartford

Unforeseen changes in economic variables often render economic forecasts inaccurate. 

With that qualification in mind I believe there is little hope for the Connecticut economy to rebound in the coming year. This bleak economic outlook rests on the possibility that state-government policies — largely responsible for the lackluster economic performance in Connecticut in the last several years — will likely continue in 2019.

I hope this forecast will be proven wrong.

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What’s your 2019 economic outlook for Connecticut? Moderate growth
How many jobs will Connecticut add? 2,500
What will Connecticut’s unemployment rate be at the end of 2019?4.5%-4.8%
What type of GDP growth will Connecticut see in 2019? 2%
Which industry will add the most jobs? Health care & information technology
Which industry will lose the most jobs?Construction

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