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December 23, 2019

For finding ‘OPM’, Price is right

Anthony Price of Middletown is an entrepreneur — founder and CEO of LootScout, which counsels small and fledgling companies on how to scout for loot. Now he’s an author, too. He recently published Get the Loot & Run: Find Money for Your Business. It’s a subject about which Price knows a thing or two: The book project was funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

As such he is comfortable with both the theory and practice of using OPM (Other People’s Money) to build wealth by creating profitable enterprises.

Price draws a clear distinction between entrepreneurs and small-business owners. If one accepts the SBA definition of “small” business (fewer than 500 employees) then most company principals are small-business owners.

But not all are entrepreneurs. Price channels George Bernard Shaw (“All progress depends on the unreasonable man”) to illustrate the difference: “Entrepreneurs are the unreasonable men — risk-takers, but not gamblers.”

So they create their own jobs, and their own enterprises to support them. To do that, they need a plan, a model for the business they intend to create. “A business model must solve a pain point for customers and create value at a desirable price point,” Price writes.

And it needs dollars to launch — either from the entrepreneur’s own piggy bank, or OPM. In the end it doesn’t matter, really, where the startup capital comes from — as long as it comes. It takes money to make money, a sage man once observed. Or, the words of another noted soothsayer, LL Cool J: “People are successful because of what they do right."

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