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July 22, 2019

Global electronics distributor to shutter Windsor plant

An information technology asset disposal facility in Windsor will shutter in September, causing 143 job losses, its owner disclosed to state labor officials.

Colorado-based Arrow Electronics said Arrow Value Recovery, located on Helmsford Way, would close around Sept. 14. Arrow is a global electronics distributor with nearly 350 worldwide locations and $29.7 billion in annual sales.

Arrow spokesman John Hourigan said Monday that the closure is part of a broader wind down of an Arrow business unit. 

“On a daily basis, Arrow Electronics constantly aligns our services and offerings to the ever-changing needs of customers and suppliers in this dynamic market,” Hourigan said. “Along these lines, Arrow has completed a strategic review of our personal computer and mobility asset disposition business. As a result of our review, and with consideration of Arrow’s broader strategy, we are changing our approach to this business.”

The publicly traded company announced the wind down to investors on July 15.

The business unit, which Arrow believes is “not sustainable over the long term,” has facilities in the U.S., Sweden, United Kingdom and across Europe.

Arrow said it will keep its focus on artificial intelligence, industrial automation, smart cities and vehicles.

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November 5, 2019

Wanted to state that I used to work here, and that it was one of the most poorly-managed operations I've ever been in. It was a nepotistic and disconnected culture that would constantly make massive mistakes that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars constantly. No blame would go up beyond the abused line workers, and any concerns (that would protect the company mind you) were blown off. While I understand how this market is changing, from what I've seen in my years there, I have no doubt that it was simply run into the ground. One of the most egregious acts was developing these slave-like time tables that weren't even using the right metrics, and so they changed how the entire factory functioned off of a foundation that was based in error and just ended up losing production, while making the process infinitely more miserable. I'm sorry for those that lost their jobs but luckily they're better off anywhere else.

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