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Updated: October 5, 2020 2020 Power 25 — Health Care

Health Power 25: 22. Linda Grigerek

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities aren’t the only businesses that have benefited from Connecticut’s aging population.

Linda Grigerek, President, Companions & Homemakers

When it comes to relatively simple assistance with non-medical tasks like getting dressed or doing the dishes, or basic companionship, homecare agencies have increasingly filled a need, empowered by insurers and other health payers increasingly recognizing the savings the model can provide compared to institutional settings.

There are more than 500 licensed homecare businesses in the state, employing an estimated 28,000 people, but positioned at the top is Farmington-based Companions & Homemakers, led by President Linda Grigerek.

C&H, which has 10 locations around Connecticut, has been in operation for 30 years, and is a major service provider for the state’s Medicaid program, as well as other clients.

Grigerek has not been afraid to wield her clout when she feels the situation calls for it.

For example, in 2017, C&H refused, citing privacy concerns, when the Department of Social Services, overseer of Medicaid, demanded homecare agencies begin using a visit tracking system. When DSS canceled C&H’s contract (ultimately temporarily), Grigerek sued several dozen of her own workers for violating their non-compete contracts because they had become employed by other agencies while keeping their former clients.

The legislature has since cracked down on non-competes for the homecare industry.

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