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December 28, 2021

Hyperfine partnership aims to increase brain abnormality detection

PHOTO | CONTRIBUTED Hyperfine's Swoop.

While annual procedures like mammograms and colonoscopies can detect early signs of cancer, routine scanning for brain disease remains less common.

A Guilford company’s new partnership aims to fix that, and help find brain abnormalities such as tumors early.

Hyperfine Inc. of Guilford recently announced it is teaming up with the New York-based Brain Tumor Foundation (BTF) to provide access to free brain scans around the country.

Hyperfine makes Swoop, an FDA-approved MRI system. Because it is portable, it can be used to scan and diagnose patients in many locations.

BTF estimates one million people are living with brain tumors and are unaware of it.

Through this new partnership, BTF will use Swoop devices to provide neuroimaging to about 10,000 people nationwide through its Road to Early Detection campaign, a research collaboration between BTF and Weill Cornell Medicine/New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

BTF will also study the effectiveness of MRI as an early screening measure for diagnosing brain tumors, silent strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other brain abnormalities.

Scott White, chief commercial officer for Hyperfine, said the company is honored to provide MRI  technology where it may have been unattainable previously.

“Our research collaboration with the Brain Tumor Foundation will enable thousands of people to obtain medical imaging, while providing researchers with data about the important role that early detection plays in addressing serious brain disease,” White said, in an announcement.

According to the company, MRI is key for detecting brain tumors, but the high costs of imaging and geographic distribution of traditional MRI machines can make scanning less accessible.

Michael Schreiber, BTF chairman, said early detection means more effective treatment, which will save lives.

“This partnership with Hyperfine will enable us to screen more patients, more efficiently, in more cities across the country,” Schreiber said.

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