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February 3, 2021

Industry group counters Lembo-backed polling on public option

HBJ Photo | Matt Pilon An industry group is promoting polling that contradicts findings endorsed by Comptroller Kevin Lembo, pictured above.

A coalition of insurers, hospitals and other healthcare industry players will kick off a statewide ad campaign this week raising doubts about a public option for health insurance, a legislative priority of State Assembly Democrats.

Connecticut’s Health Care Future (CTHCF), a local branch of national advocacy group Partnership for America's Health Care Future, has also commissioned Locust Street Group to poll 800 Connecticut voters on the issue.

Only 36% of those polled supported a public option while 60% supported building on Connecticut’s current health insurance system, according to the CTHCF survey. 

A larger majority of voters also said they would oppose higher taxes (78%) or higher medical costs (82%) to subsidize the cost of a public option.

CTHCF’s poll results contradict the findings of a survey endorsed by State Comptroller Kevin Lembo earlier in the week. That poll, funded by pro-public-option advocacy group United States of Care, found strong support for a public option, even among small businesses.

The Partnership for America's Health Care Future has widened its scope in recent years to oppose public options for health insurance in addition to proposals like “Medicare for All.”

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