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July 17, 2014 40 Under Forty 2014

Leticia Colon de Mejias

Age: 38

Title at work/what I do: I am a mother, wife, sister, advocate, conservationist, author, and a performer. I advocate for causes that I am passionate about like energy conservation, climate change, education, and workforce development. I am the founder and president of Energy Efficiencies Solutions (EES). EES helps homeowners, renters, and commercial properties, reduce their energy usage and lower their carbon emissions. I am also president and co-founder of Green Eco Warrior Inc., a nonprofit sustainability education provider. Green Eco Warriors' mission is to educate and motivate. We work hard to engage youth and families in positive behaviors that reduces their impact on the planet and our resources. I love to write children's books. My most recent book, “Dinero the Frog Learns to Save Energy,” is dedicated to my father. (Previous books: Pesky Plastic, Hip Y la Pared, Over the Moon and Past the Stars, Butterfly Rhythm, Green Eco Warriors Comic book series, YES workbooks.) I have a deep passion for life. I love to see people happy, safe, and engaged in learning.

Town where I work: Windsor

Town where I live: Windsor

My passion, hobby or special talent: Being a catalyst for positive change. I enjoy assisting individuals in achieving their true potential. I feel compelled to protect the environment for the safety of mankind.

Twitter handle: @LColondeMejias

LinkedIn connections: Over 1,800

Favorite place to network: I love to network everywhere I go. I enjoy meeting new people and learning from everyone I meet.

Favorite drink at networking events: Cranberry juice with a lemon slice.

How do I create connections in my professional life?

I have found that through face-to-face conversations, you can create strong professional and personal bonds that can last a lifetime. I have met some amazing and talented people in my work. When people buy into a concept or idea, they must first trust the source. This makes honest connections the most valuable professional tool that we all can utilize.

What has been my biggest challenge professionally?

My greatest challenge has been to unite like-minded talent to invest resources to bring the tools and techniques my team and I create to national and international markets.   

What is the best advice I received?

I have learned many lessons from simple advice imparted by supervisors, co-workers, family, and friends. The best advice I received came from my father who was a fire-walking instructor, avid reader, and public speaker. He told me to speak clearly, know what I want, never give up, work hard, seek opportunity, and leave things better than I found them. Most importantly he told me, “Where ever you go, there you are!” I learned that you can't run from your past, you must embrace who you are, where you are, and when you want more, you must throw fear aside, dedicate yourself, and follow your heart.

What do I want my legacy to be?

I desire to empower socio-economically challenged youth and adults to become sustainable thinkers and live their lives to their true potential. I am working toward creating a world of superheroes empowered by their own thoughts and actions. A generation not held back by fear of failure. A world that sees problems as possibilities for growth and recognizes daily effort as a means to reach their goals. I feel driven to do my best to pass on the wisdom that was imparted to me. It is my true intention to help as many people as possible to reach their goals in a way that will least impact the planet and will best support future generations. We are creating a generation of sustainable thinkers. Sustainability in the truest sense — living within our means, thinking of the long-term consequence or benefits of our actions, fiscal and social responsibility for all.

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