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April 17, 2018

Local accountant inventor of National Bean Counter Day

Photo | Contributed Trumbull Accountant Kevin Wenig, creator of National Bean Counter Day

Trumbull accountant Kevin Wenig has to wait a little longer this year to celebrate the special day he created.

About three years ago as he approached the end of tax season, Wenig decided that his profession needed a day of its own. What better time than the day after Tax Day? The message to his fellow accountants: take the day off, don’t answer the phone, ignore the computer and adding machine.

“The idea (for National Bean Counters Day) came to me last year when I was so exhausted working 18 hours a day, seven days a week for weeks on end,” said Wenig, owner of Kevin Wenig, CPA. “Anyone who works on taxes deserves a day off.”

Wenig coined the name National Bean Counters Day and set it for April 16. He contacted National Calendar Day, the company behind everything from National Garlic to Talk Like a Pirate Day, paid a fee and, voila, accountants finally had their official day.

“I just thought it would be a fun thing to do,” said Wenig, who has clients in both New Haven and Fairfield counties. “The reputation of accountants is that they are very boring.”

But this year threw Wenig and his fellow accountants for a loop. Because the 15th fell on a Sunday, Tax Day got pushed back two days. So even though the 16th was officially National Bean Counters Day, Wenig and his fellow tax professionals won’t get to celebrate it until the 18th.

Wenig said Tuesday that he has been so busy, he barely noticed. So how will he belatedly celebrate National Bean Counters Day?

“I’m going to sleep late and I’m going to go to the driving range and wash my car,” he said.

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