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December 2, 2022

Meet CT’s top innovators

The cover of HBJ's inaugural Innovators Issue.

Connecticut has long been a place for innovation.

Samuel Colt, Eli Whitney, Charles Goodyear, Charles Kaman, Mark Twain, Mary Dixon Kies — not to mention hundreds of other inventors and entrepreneurs — have called Connecticut home.

Click here to meet our 2022 Innovators.

Those are all names from more distant times, yet their spirit of innovation remains strong in the state.

Need proof? Bloomberg in 2020 named Connecticut the fourth-most innovative state in its “State Innovation Index,” trailing only behind research powerhouses like California (home to Silicon Valley), Massachusetts (home to Harvard and MIT) and Washington (home to tech behemoths Amazon and Microsoft).

Connecticut scored highly based on its presence of science, technology, engineering and math workers, density of tech companies, and research and development capabilities.

To celebrate Connecticut’s history of innovation, the Hartford Business Journal and New Haven Biz have published their inaugural “Innovators Issue.”

In it we highlight 11 individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields who are change-makers, helping to improve the lives of people, shape industries and bring new or better solutions to age-old problems.

Click here to meet our 2022 Innovators.

Of course, the term “innovator” is broad. In this publication we aren’t just highlighting inventors or tech CEOs. We are recognizing talents from a range of disciplines, including the arts, real estate, venture capital, entertainment, business, life sciences, philanthropy, and more.

The innovators were chosen by the editorial staff of Hartford Business Journal and New Haven Biz. Some innovators were recommended by the business community.

The goal of this annual publication is to spotlight the diverse range of talent and creative minds this state has to offer.

We hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to share your feedback, or names of innovators we should highlight in the future.

Greg Bordonaro


Click here to meet our 2022 Innovators.

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