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July 25, 2016 40 Under Forty 2016

Mitch Jackson

Mitch Jackson Mitch Jackson
Mitch Jackson celebrating his grandparents' 70th wedding anniversary with his family members.
Mitch Jackson helps box up toys for kids during HYPE's annual “Tons of Toys” celebration.

Age: 31

Company: UnitedHealth Group; Northeast Payments

Title: Project Manager; Managing Partner

Town where I live: Hartford

Town where I work: Hartford

College: UConn


What do you do and what are your goals in your current job? As an IT project manager at UnitedHealth Group, I manage the delivery of applications that improve the claims and grievances process. I am also the managing partner for Northeast Payments, and we help merchants reduce expenses and increase cash flow. My goal is to lead a solution that helps members and businesses.

What are your goals for your community involvement? I intend to have more in-depth involvement in Hartford-centric programs and volunteer opportunities. I would also like to scale our member outreach through HYPE in order to reach more families and individuals.

What's your biggest passion? My biggest personal passion is music, since it is an integral part of my everyday life. My professional passion is to grow my business into a mover and shaker in the northeast, and provide a blueprint for future entrepreneurs.

What are your future aspirations? I aspire to become someone influential that can positively affect my community, city, region and possibly beyond. My intentions would be to benefit the people as a whole but also not overlook the connective impact all businesses can have.

What role can young leaders play in shaping Hartford's future? Young leaders have a significant role in shaping Hartford's future — they are Hartford's future! This is evident from the city government, business workforce and the individuals selected to be on this year's 40 Under Forty class.

As the chair-elect of HYPE, I want to see to it we continue to connect Hartford's Millennial workforce to small businesses in the region and retain and attract them as residents. This extends to the students in grade school and secondary education institutions as well. Our brain trust is as vital as our workforce, and I believe the children our truly our future.

List four reasons why you deserve to be a 40 Under Forty:

Appointed chair-elect of Hartford's Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Appointed as commissioner of the Hartford Parking Authority by Mayor Luke Bronin.

Founded a business that helps many small to medium businesses save capital and increase cash flow.

I was born in Hartford, live in Hartford, work in Hartford, and have an insatiable desire to see it succeed and overcome obstacles.

Time Tested:

What personal possession in your life has withstood the test of time? My passport

What hobby did you develop at a young age that you still enjoy today? Playing the piano

Twenty years ago, what did you envision as your future profession? Corporate lawyer

Who do you consider your mentor? My father

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