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November 9, 2022

Monroe company reports device helps with female incontinence

Image | Contributed Elidah of Monroe makes Elitone, a non-surgical device designed to strengthen women’s pelvic floor muscles

A Monroe-based medical device startup is expanding its product line to help further combat female incontinence issues.

Elidah, the maker of Elitone, a non-surgical device designed to strengthen women’s pelvic floor muscles, recently conducted a six-week clinical trial to address urge incontinence. 

A new device in the works, called Elitone-Urge, in recent testing showed urge incontinence episodes were reduced by more than two-thirds, with a majority of the subjects achieving a clinically significant reduction, according to the company.

Elitone was created by the female-owned startup several years ago to find a solution for women who suffer from urine leaks, known as incontinence. Statistics show that one in three women, particularly those over age 50, suffer from pelvic floor disorders.

The existing Elitone device on the market delivers therapeutic stimulation and performs pelvic floor exercises, longer and stronger than women can achieve on their own through Kegel exercises. The patented design is discreet and can be worn under clothes, enabling pelvic floor therapy for stress incontinence. 

Company officials said Elitone-Urge, which is currently being tested, works the same way as the original stress incontinence device, but is targeted for those women who suffer from urge incontinence, a loss of urine after feeling a sudden need, or urge, to urinate. 

Stress incontinence on the other hand, is leakage that can be caused by coughing, sneezing, laughing or other things that put pressure on the bladder. 

Elidah CEO and Co-Founder Gloria Kolb said the preliminary clinical study results on the Eiltone-Urge are promising.

“Female incontinence is such a prevalent issue, and yet those who struggle with it often choose to do so in secrecy because of stigma and the perception that available treatments only include surgery, potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals or vaginal devices,” said Kolb.

“Having options that are safe and effective is truly a life changer for women,” Kolb added. “We are thrilled that the results of the preliminary six-week trial have shown Elitone-Urge to be an easy, convenient solution for women with urge incontinence and we look forward to the final results of our current clinical study.”

Kolb said based on what the final results of the study show, Elidah plans to add the Elitone-Urge device to its Elitone line to provide another, non-surgical and non-medication treatment for women, whether they suffer from stress or urge incontinence. The Elitone-Urge has not yet been cleared by the FDA. 

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