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January 4, 2019

Moving companies say more people are leaving CT

Photo | Flickr via Tim Hagen A record number of Connecticut residents say they plan to leave the state in the next five years, according to InformCT.

A growing number of Connecticut residents needed help moving out of state in 2018, according to U.S. moving companies.

The 42nd annual National Movers Study by United Van Lines said Connecticut ranked third among states in outbound trips, with 62 percent of moves leaving the state.

That followed a trend in the Northeast, where four states ranked in the top seven nationwide in outbound trips: New Jersey (No.1), New York (No.4) and Massachusetts (No. 7), the data released Wednesday shows.

The top five inbound states were Vermont, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona, respectively.

Under a coinciding survey, United Van Lines said one out of every two people who rented their vehicles in 2018 moved for a new job or company transfer.

U-Haul’s Top 50 Growth States for 2018 report this week also said more Connecticut residents are leaving vs. coming in.

Connecticut fell from No. 8 to No. 21 on U-Haul’s 2018 growth list, but still fared better than some other Northeast states, including Rhode Island (No. 38), New York (No. 39), New Jersey (No. 43), Pennsylvania (No. 44) and Massachusetts (No. 46).

Connecticut’s gloomy migration data pairs with the U.S. Census Bureau’s analysis this week that named the state among nine that lost residents in fiscal 2017-18.

The new federal data said Connecticut had 3,572,665 residents in fiscal year 2017-18, down 1,214 residents vs. the year prior.

As of July, Connecticut was down 22,250 residents compared to 2013, when the state’s population peaked at 3,594,915.

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